An ongoing series where Catskill Mountain Shakespeare uses its resources to facilitate new work. We are proud to gift artists a chance to escape to the mountains to freely explore and develop. The project culminates in a donation-based reading where the community comes together with the artists to get a glimpse at the artistic process and offer their feedback.

Interested in being involved? Email with PLAY WORKSHOP as the subject and we will get back to you with 2022 dates.

Copy of Copy of Peach and Green Handdrawn Watercolour General Greetings Mother's Day Poste

JULY 2021

written by Alanna Coby
directed by Katherine Wilkinson
featuring Rasheedat Badejo & Sydney Berk

Phaedra is a woman who is married to a bad man. Take Me For the Mountain follows Phaedra's fall from social grace through interlocking scenes that take place in women’s spaces; nail salons, gynecologist offices, Costco, and a mountaintop commune of goddesses, where Phaedra must reckon with her lifetime of loving a man who caused ruin. 

JULY 2021


written by Ana Cristina Da Silva
produced in partnership with What Will The Neighbors Say
featuring Sam Hood Adrian, James Clements & Malena Pennycook

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost is a weighty puppet drama following the inner life of a woman, Angie, as personified by her pet bird, Birdie. After a sexual encounter with a man, one where the participants’ actions are questionable and difficult to judge, the relationship between pet and owner quickly morphs when Birdie gains the ability to speak. Together, Angie and Birdie are forced to look at the encounter and journey into Angie’s past to discover how they can exist in the present. This one-act psychological thriller poses the question: what does consent look like?

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Copy of Copy of Peach and Green Handdrawn Watercolour General Greetings Mother's Day Poste