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It all started with a love of the mountains and of outdoor theatre...

Catskill Mountain Shakespeare is committed to bringing world class theatre to the residents and visitors of the Catskills, all while celebrating and preserving the natural and unique beauty of the region. We are a proud 

501(c)(3) Public Charity.

Covid-19 has touched every part of the world, the theatre being no exception. We are proud to be pioneering ways to return together and redefine what theatre can be. We view this an opportunity to take what we love from theatre, and leave the rest behind.

Theatre is not just for the urban, the elite, or the wealthy. Theatre is for everyone. Outdoor, summer theatre is an accessible way for the people of the Catskills to enjoy live art. Fiscally conscious, community-oriented and unpretentious, Catskill Mountain Shakespeare strives to prove that quality theatre is for everyone. 

Catskill Mountain Shakespeare plans to utilize the natural beauty of the region and create theatre that is inspired by the majesty of the mountains and its forest preserve. We are not attempting to duplicate New York City Theatre, but are creating a theatrical experience that is directly inspired by and for this specific region.

The Catskill Mountains region is located two hours north of New York City. It has become a destination for weekenders and second-home-owners alike and is in the midst of experiencing a boom of tourism and relocation. The Catskill Mountains boast some of the best skiing in New York State in the winter and some of the best hiking in the summer. The region is 5,892 square miles of protected lush mountains that transform with the seasons. 


Interested in becoming more involved? We are committed to cultivating a diverse board from all walks of life to help shape Catskill Mountain Shakespeare. Feel free to email us to find out more.

Current Board Members

Mary Willis White - Head Advisor

Sydney Berk - Head of Educational Outreach

Robert Escalante - Head of Governance

McKinley Williamson - Head Marketer

Sarah Reny - Artistic Director & Founder

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