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Catskill Mountain Shakespeare recognizes the devastating consequences of racism and systemic oppression within the theater community and across our country.


We acknowledge that there is an urgent need for change in our industry, and we want to respond to this call to action as an organization.


We strive to be active participants in the movement towards anti-racism and care deeply about creating and sharing stories and programs that are inclusive, equitable, and just. 


CMS is committed to advancing the work of anti-racism, throughout our organization, through the following:


  • Actively searching out and listening to the stories and experiences of our BIPOC and Global Majority theater and Catskills community members, and evolving our offerings in response to these interactions and dialogues.

  • Combatting racism through inclusive and equitable representation on and off stage.

  • Prioritizing the diversification of our staff, Board, artists, and artisans.

  • Acknowledging that this work is ongoing and that there is always more for us to learn.


We invite you to share any further insight, inquiries and questions with us at

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